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Vibration and Noise Can be Avoided Through Tire Rotation

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Excessive vibration and noise are usually caused by uneven wear on your tires.

The best way to avoid uneven wear on your tires is to regular rotate them. Rotation allows tires to wear evenly and cuts down on noise and vibration.

It may not be the solution to all noise and vibration issues, as sometimes tires have gone past the point where simple rotation will be the fix, and complete replacement needs to take place because the tires have worn too unevenly.
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Ford Named One of the Most Reliable by Reader's Digest

Working here at the dealership I have seen many vehicles come and go so I know a thing or two about a quality car or truck.
I also can tell you that if you buy a Ford, then you are making a wise investment.
Ford has been named one of the most trusted automotive brands by Reader's Digest.  That holds a great deal of weight in the car world.
The public…
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On the Search for the Perfect Crossover? Meet the 2017 Ford Escape


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If you're currently in the market for a new crossover, you have probably quickly realized how over-saturated the market really is. To help you filter through the noise, we would like to turn your attention to the 2017 Ford Escape. The 2017 Ford Escape has everything you're looking for in a new crossover model, including style, ample cargo space, ground clearance and a reliable reputation.

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Escape NYC: A bold new test driving experience from Ford!

Here at Tom Denchel's Ford Country, we know how important the test driving experience is. But while getting to take a new vehicle out for an hour or two can be an instrumental part of the car buying process, when it comes to a well-featured vehicle like the new 2017 Ford Escape, kicking the tires simply isn't enough. That's why Ford teamed up with renowned puzzle designer Victor Blake to give drivers a chance to experience the new Escape in a truly unique way!1141 × 540


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Prepare Yourself for the Inevitable Late-Season Snowfall with these Tips

As we prepare to welcome the spring season, you may be eager to take off your winter tires, pack away your bulky attire and open up your sunroof. Here in Washington, however, we all know that the winter season can be a little unpredictable. In the winter, we'll often experience mild temperatures.

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New Fusion V6 Sport Features Innovative Pot Hole Mitigation System

You know the feeling: You're driving down the road and you see a pothole in your path. Avoiding it is impossible due to oncoming traffic in the other lane, so the only thing you can do is grip the steering wheel and brace for impact. It's an annoying situation, for sure, but potholes can be more than a simple jarring nuisance. AAA estimates that damage from potholes costs U.S. drivers nearly $3 billion annually...

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How Vaughn Gittin Jr., Gets Groceries

Have you ever had it happen before: a normal trip to the grocery store turns into a rally?

If you’re Vaughn Gittin Jr., this likely isn’t the first time you’ve experienced this. Of course, it can’t be blamed completely on the professional drifter: his dog and co-pilot Brody certainly had a hand, or should we say “paw,” in it.

It all started out so normally: get the list, head to the store, find most of what’s on the list and checkout. Who knew that a trip to get milk, veggies and meat could become so…

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Ford UK Announces Winner of #FiestaStylista's First Round

Ford is on the hunt for the UK's next top fashion stylist! Ford UK recently teamed up with Stylist Magazine to create the #FiestaStylista competition, which will provide twelve stylists with three challenges to be evaluated by judges working in various aspects of the UK fashion industry. The competition is the perfect collaboration of style and efficiency -- just like the 2016 Ford Fiesta. Check Olivia Purvis, the winner of the competition's first round: Bohemian style.

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