Have You Heard About FordPass SmartLink™?

Do you own a Ford in Prosser, WA, or a neighboring community like Kennewick, WA, or Yakima, WA? If so, then getting to know this cutting-edge application will surely get you excited. With the FordPass SmartLink™ update, there are many electrifying additives for you to discover that can enhance your day with convenience. Explore the exhilarating features at Tom Denchel Ford Country Prosser today!

What Does FordPass SmartLink™ Consist Of?

If you want to experience innovative technology without getting into a new model, this is a great way. FordPass SmartLink™ makes keeping your 2010-2018 Ford current with groundbreaking technology a cinch. With this application, you can effortlessly unlock your vehicle remotely, lock it, and even start your car before getting into it. You can also utilize vehicle location assistance with FordPass SmartLink™. From locating your car to setting alerts, there are many convenient tidbits for you to use. And while these elements are impressive, you will also be able to get notifications about your Ford with the FordPass SmartLink™ application. There is Vehicle Health Alerts that you can get as well. Mobile 4G WiFi can also get seen with FordPass SmartLink™.

How Do I Access FordPass SmartLink™?

Are you ready to get started and begin using FordPass SmartLink™? Ask us at Tom Denchel Ford Country Prosser about installation. Once you get equipped with FordPass SmartLink™, you can enable it with your account for your FordPass™ application. After it gets enabled, you can put in the VIN of your vehicle and be on your way to relishing in all that FordPass SmartLink™ has to offer.

To explore further into what FordPass SmartLink™ offers, or to get your vehicle setup, come down to our Ford facilities conveniently near Richland, WA, and Sunnyside, WA, so that you can get things underway. You can contact us to ask us about the application and your Ford as well.

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