Schedule a summer service appointment for your car today

Summer travel is our favorite kind of travel here at Tom Denchel Ford Country In Prosser. What's never ideal, however, is car trouble on what's supposed to be a fun and memorable summer adventure. That's why we recommend servicing your vehicle with our expert technicians before you hit the road this season.

Even if you keep up with service and maintenance fairly well, it's still important to ensure you're ready for more extensive travel, especially during the hot and humid months of summer. After a long winter, we can make sure your vehicle's oil is freshly changed, your tires are filled properly and rotated, and ensure that your air conditioning unit is working correctly. We'll top off your coolant, replace your windshield wipers, align your front end and check your brakes, brake pads and your battery. If your vehicle needs more attention, you can wholly rely on our technicians to perform any repairs or part replacements skillfully and in a timely manner.

Whatever your vehicle needs to function at its best this summer, we're on it. Enjoy a safe and thrilling summer of fun and schedule a service appointment for your car at our dealership today. You can schedule online or give us a call at (877) 856-8937.

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