Don't let a broken a/c put a damper on your summer

Washington isn't a state with the hottest temps, but during the summer we're known to turn up our home and apartment air conditioners, as well as the ones in our car, because who likes arriving to work, an event, or a grocery store feeling damp and looking sweaty?

The cruel irony is that it seems like it's during the hottest months when we notice the a/c is one the fritz, and while we can roll down all the windows, it just isn't the same.

Below are two main a/c problems and what the issues could be. If you've been experiencing either, you don't struggle through the rest of summer. Come into the service center at Tom Denchel Ford Country to have one our trained technicians see what could be going wrong. And that goes for any other car issue you have that is putting a damper on this fun season.

You turn the a/c on but don't feel a thing:

What a buzz kill! If this happens, it could be because you have a bad fan, a dirty cabin air filter, or there could be a block in the air blend door. We'll diagnose the problem and get that cool air flowing again!

You turn on the a/c and it's only blowing hot air:

If the above concern is a buzz kill, then this one is pure torture. The problems could be low coolant fluid, a leak in components that make up the climate system, or a faulty compressor. We'll sit in the hot seat and get it fixed, that way you don't have to.

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