Ford takes a big step in their autonomous driving program!

It's easy to think that automotive companies only have the one mission of selling cars, but ones that want to stay competitive in present and future times always have side projects going on, and the Ford Motor Company is no exception.

With their recent move to form an LLC from a prior division, it's safe to say that Ford is taking their "side hustle" to the next level; say hello to the Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC!

This new company is a way for Ford to put more money and attention to their autonomous driving program. They have big ambitions to have a wide-spread autonomous division by 2023, and this change positions them to hit that deadline.

The Ford Autonomous Vehicles company has four main goals — research & engineering, transportation-as-a-service platform, business development & go-to-market strategy, and UX design —and we're excited to see how the following years play out!

In the meantime, you can still get a new Ford vehicle that has semi-autonomous technology to help make driving safer and more convenient. For example, many vehicles can get adaptive cruise control (perfect for people who spend a lot of time on the highway), assisted parallel and perpendicular parking, lane keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking, to name a few.

Because Ford realizes that not everyone wants to have (or pay) for all these features, they don't make them standard, which can be common with brands like Honda and Toyota. Instead, these features are standard only on the top trim levels or drivers can opt to get them via safety packages.

If these pre-self-driving technologies have piqued your interest, stop in and see us at Tom Denchel Ford Country and let us know. We'll point you to some of our most well-stocked options and give you a rundown of the technologies!

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