Which Ford SUV is Right for my Driving Needs?

This is a question all too family to our team here at Tom Denchel Ford Country in Prosser, and it isn't an easy one to answer. Truthfully there's a lot that goes into deciding which Ford SUV is right for your driving needs. That's why we put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you identify the strengths of each Ford SUV available at our dealership.

FAQs About Ford SUVs

  • I will be hauling and towing a lot of stuff with my new Ford Vehicle, what SUV should I look at?
    You should consider exploring the Ford Expedition or Ford Explorer. These two models have seating for up to seven or eight passengers, cargo space to boot, and plenty of trailering capability. These models are offered with four-wheel drive capability to make all-weather travel a breeze and are also equipped with the latest technology.
  • I live in the city, but I love the versatility of an SUV, what Ford vehicle would be best for my driving needs?
    In this case you have a couple of different options. The Ford EcoSport was designed for your described driving needs and makes fuel-efficient SUV capability easy. If you're looking for a larger model that gives you great city driving functionality, consider a Ford Escape or Ford Edge. Both models offer comfortable seating for five and versatile cargo space. Not to mention all these Ford models have great technology and connectivity features for your busy city life!
  • I do a lot of carpooling and family travel but I don't want to drive a minivan, what Ford SUV is perfect for my situation?
    The vehicle many of our customers in your situation choose is the Ford Explorer. The Explorer offers seating for seven passengers, plenty of cargo capacity for sports equipment or luggage, and many technology features to keep everyone entertained. Not only is this vehicle extremely versatile it can also be trimmed with premium materials to make it a comfortable experience to drive even when the kids don't settle down!
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